DVD Duplication Services

Video Capture
We capture your video from your original footage into one of our video editing computers.  The time it takes to capture your video is approximately the same amount of time it takes to play it.  The charge is $100 per hour with a one-hour minimum.dvd duplication services

Video Editing
The charge to edit your video is also $100 per hour with a one-hour minimum.  Editing includes everything from, changing the order or scenes or deleting specific parts, incorporating the right transitions, special effects, logo and graphic designs, along with video titles and music to match.

Streaming Videos On the Web
We upload the rendered files to your server via FTP or to a YouTube channel.  There is a one-time charge for this service in the amount of $95 per clip.

Encoding Your Video
As an alternate plan, if you are able to upload and link your video clip(s) to your website on your own, we will convert them from the original videos to another format, according to the following price schedule:

This charge is $99 for the first ten minutes or less of video and $50 for each additional ten minutes.  A 30-minute video, for example, would therefore, be $199 to encode.

checklistStreaming Video Hosting
If your website is hosted on a server that supports the Microsoft Windows Media Player, Quick Time Player, or Real Media Player, you are more than welcome to host your streaming video on the same server that hosts your website.

If your web host does not support any of the above mentioned players, you are more than welcome to host your streaming video, with or without the rest of your website, on our Microsoft Windows 2003 Advanced Server @ $239.40 per year, which breaks down to $19.95 per month with annual pre-payment.

There are no additional charges for bandwidth, usage and/or each time a user streams your videos.

Each clip will have an additional thumbnail photo (another option is to use Animated GIF’s = a couple of frames of still images moving – more appealing for a multi-media platform) and therefore, a separate click-able link determined by or based on a specific subject matter or category.

Companies that appreciate the real value of quality and service trust The Media Zoo to assist in the production of their TV commercials, sales, marketing, training, and streaming videos.

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