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A well executed internet marketing plan is the key to your business success. At The Media Zoo we have the expertise to devise a plan that will deliver results.  We put all the pieces of the puzzle together by combining marketing channels like: Video SEO, Video PPC, Video Email, YouTube, Facebook, TV Commercials, Digital Signage, and Video Installations.

We know how to drive prospects to your site, and how to convert them into sales.
We tie all your marketing concepts together to save you time and help you make more money. To learn more, simply start the conversation…

Step 1: Decide which type of video you need

Explainer Video

You have seconds to capture and keep the attention of your customers and clients.  Use Explainer videos to provide compelling messages in short bursts. LEARN MORE!

Commercial Video

Promote your company and convey more in-depth information with a Commercial Video. Combining a variety of techniques, these videos will effectively communicate your professionalism. LEARN MORE!

Storyteller Video

Creative craftsmanship is used to deliver your vision and message.  This type of Video creates an entire setting and invites your viewer to share the journey. LEARN MORE!

Whiteboard Video

Moving graphics can sometimes draw-in your viewers and engage them in ways that live video won’t.  Relay a catchy bit of information about your product or service using simple whiteboard videos. LEARN MORE!

Step 2: Choose where you want your video to be seen

Free Standing

Establish your brand and highlight your company’s products and services on your Website, Trade show Booth, and Office/Lobby TV. LEARN MORE

Video Advertising

Have your Video Ads pop-up on search screens to increase your exposure, and disseminate information about your products and services. LEARN MORE

SEO Videos

Search engines like Google love to see your videos linked to reputable sites.  Have us link your videos using keywords tags to increase your credibility and search rank. LEARN MORE

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We have been producing videos for top name clients in various industries all over the world since 1998
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