Infomercial Production Proposal

Production services include:

2-3 camera recording, director on set, cue cards, teleprompter, post-production edit, audio capture, set lighting, and delivery.

Overall Production Notes:

Infomercial to be produced according to a storyboard developed between the client and The Media Zoo and will consist of chiefly 5 parts:

  1. Intro Commercial—Up to 30-second product commercial will be developed and produced by The Media Zoo as the creative consultant. We will develop the script and storyboard for this simple video. This commercial will feature VO (voice over) and B-roll footage of people acting frustrated with their current cellular reception and phone use. The style will be fast-paced featuring energetic vocal delivery coupled with B-roll footage of people actually using the product.
  2. Welcome/Introduction—Actors will introduce themselves and the company and provide a brief history/synopsis of the product and its inception.
  3. Details—Actors cover product use and specific details featuring technical and practical applications: “What it does & why it does it so well”.
  4. Benefits—How using the product is better then what the customer currently has and how it will improve his/her lifestyle: “Why you need it!”
  5. Selling (Call-to-Action)—Audience encouraged to contact company by phone, email, or other method. Include any specials or deals here.*

*Company name/product/phone #/website/email to appear on screen every 45 seconds for 10 seconds at a time.

Production Assets:

This QVC-style infomercial will require on-set filming and on-location B-roll footage of the product being used by people in common, everyday situations. Clients are to provide 3 units of product for B-roll footage actors to use for shoot. Client may also provide the actors for the B-roll footage. If The Media Zoo is to provide said actors, then a separate charge will apply. (See estimate sheet)

On-Set Shooting

A studio will be rented to film the storyboarded infomercial. We determine that one day should be sufficient for filming the on-set footage. All talent and services provided and lined up by the client must arrive prepared and appear on-time to the shoot. Any delay in production on the scheduled day of shooting may result in additional booking fees and charges to the client not included in this proposal.

Client is to provide the following:

  • 2 actors for on-screen dialogue and demonstration of the product
  • Props and sets to be used for displaying and using the product during the shoot. All promotional digital or printed media to be used in the shoot or in the overall production is the responsibility of the client to provide The Media Zoo no later than one-week prior to the scheduled shoot.

On-Location Shooting

We have determined that 2 days are required to collect all the B-roll footage needed for this production. Client to determine from the following list the variety of shots desired. If any permits/permissions are required, they and the cost of such are the responsibility of the client.

List of possible venues:

  • Beach (permit required)
  • Private Jet on tarmac (permission required)
  • Public pool
  • Stadium full of people (permission and permits may be required)
  • Nightclub
  • Park (permit may be necessary)
  • Driving (actor/s will use headset and/or speakerphone)
  • In nature (woods, lake, etc.)
  • Elevator
  • Motel room (denoting travel)

If weather or some unforeseen dilemma does not permit any outdoor shooting on the scheduled day/s, The Media Zoo reserves the right to locate and choose indoor locations to film instead. These shots will be used as alternates. The Client reserves the right to reschedule the shoot in the event of inclement weather, but any and all costs involved with the rescheduling are the responsibility of the Client.

Additional Considerations:

Due to the technical nature of this product, the client may consider a 3D-rendered model and animation to be created for use in advertising the product in ways hard to replicate in the real world. This part of the production would be quoted in a separate estimate and used in the final production video product.

(Examples include: 360° rotation display, signal transmission simulation, product exploded view)


Final product will be edited according to the time constraints and resolution requirements of broadcast standards. Client will be responsible for providing The Media Zoo with the contact information of the broadcast services to be used so the final product will conform to the proper criteria. Final broadcast video will be of 14-30 minutes duration.

How to begin the process:

The Media Zoo requires a deposit (outlined in the estimate) to begin the discovery process with the client and subsequent location/studio scouting. The Media Zoo will project-manage in coordination with any representative assigned to handle the Client’s account regarding this infomercial project.

Once locations have been set, permits/permissions have been granted, the dates for shooting will be arranged. According to the information provided to us, the Client wishes to begin the process by the end of September and end no later than the middle of October. The Media Zoo understands the no exact dates for shooting or airing have been determined at the time of the drafting of this document.

Upon acceptance of this proposal and the successful conclusion of the discovery process, the Client will be provided with a checklist-style sheet of all requirements for the production process that are their responsibility.

Any additions/deletions/alterations of this proposal after its signed acceptance will require the changes to be made in writing and be signed by the Client and The Media Zoo respectively. In that event, changes in overall price may be necessary and will be addressed at that time.