How Can Video Transform My Marketing?


 At The Media Zoo, we know the value of having a single point of contact, a “go to person” dedicated to the growth of your business.
The Media Zoo exists as a place for business owners to find solutions for all their video marketing needs. Too often, valuable time and money is lost in dealing with several vendors and re-explaining your vision, process and target market.

The Media Zoo will help you tame the jungle of video Internet marketing. By combining the benefits of streaming video, video SEO services, social media video marketing and creative videos for web design; we generate a powerful solution for your business.
We know how to drive prospects to your site using video, and more importantly, how to convert them into sales. We tie all your marketing concepts together into one powerful selling machine. Through continual reporting and trackable results, the numbers prove that our approach works─ hands down!


Get the Results You Are Looking for with Video!

Marketing-02Is There Anything Video Can’t Do?Attracting new customers, educating website visitors, driving traffic to your site, making your phone ring, converting leads into sales . . . video does it all. It has replaced text as the preferred content medium on the web. Who you are, what you do and why to buy from you – it all needs to be delivered in seconds!

Over 90% of the world’s largest companies already have videos online and most have a YouTube Video Strategy. Internet experts are predicting that over 90% of all small businesses, even “one-man shops” will have a video online within 3 to 5 years. Why? Because it is a cost-effective tool to reach your target market, entertain them and make them want to buy from you.

Consider the Benefits:

  • Use video to effectively convey a message about your company, product or service.
  • Create synergy by placing your video online, on television, and in store or at a point-of-purchase.
  • Take advantage of viral distribution to promote your message.
  • Include pictures, audio, and other multimedia to create a multi-dimensional marketing piece.

Over 50 Professional Actors to Choose From


What Type of Video is Right for Me?


  • Marketing-04Video Presenters – Quickly enhance your existing site with video
    in an economical way with a video presenter. A professional actor or actress
    will appear naturally on your site, with no box or background. They’ll deliver
    your message in under 60 seconds and make your website profitable.
    It’s that simple!



  • Marketing-05Commercial Videos – Internet commercials are beginning to
    dominate the market and will soon push TV down to the #2 spot to
    advertise through video. Our videos let your Home page do what
    it was designed to do – capture the attention of your visitors and
    guide them to the next step.


    • Marketing-06White Board Videos – Your audience can’t withstand the stacks
      of facts and figures. But when you need to drill down, dive deep and
      untangle your topic, our whiteboard animation style videos will simplify
      and clearly relay your message straight into the viewer’s brain folds.



  • image048Banner Videos – Internet commercials are beginning to
    dominate the market, and will soon push TV down to the #2
    spot to advertise through video. Banner videos let your Home
    page do what it was designed to do – capture the attention of
    your visitors and guide them to the next step.


  • image050YouTube Video – Your prospects are already searching for
    you on YouTube and coming across your competitor’s videos
    instead. Wow them with a video that isn’t “homemade” and
    shows you as the true professional you are. Stand apart from
    the competition with a professionally produced video.


  • Facebook Video – Turn your social media marketing campaign image052
    into a sales campaign by introducing your products and services
    with video on your Facebook page.



Marketing-07What do I do next?
The Media Zoo specializes in complete video marketing plans
designed for our ever-changing times. Our Internet Video Producers
know what it takes to make an effective video to attract and engage
your visitors. Call The Media Zoo now to get started.

Can a Marketing Video Motivate Your Customers to Purchase

How can a Video help my company?
Currently websites just do not communicate or sell to your customers the same way a real person can. Let’s face it, who really wants to read a ton of text? Video speaks directly to your visitors to welcome them to your site and show why your company is so fantastic.

Why should I have a video on my website?
Video is quick, entertaining and to the point. It introduces your company to potential clients, puts a face to a product or service and establishes trust. People retain and understand more when they see and hear the message.

Marketing-08If I add video, will I have to re-design my web site?
Certainly not. We can integrate this video technology into your existing site or you can choose to have us completely re-design your website for a whole new updated look and feel.

Who determines what the actors wear?
You do! We suggest you make clothing recommendations based on your color scheme. In general wearing dark colors on light web pages and light colors on dark web pages looks best.

Can the actors wear our company uniform or a costume?
Yes, as long as you supply them.

Who writes the script for my video?
As you know your business best, we suggest that you do. However, we can offer our expertise to help make your message more powerful.

Marketing-09How do you put the video on my website?
You have two options. One, we can give you or your webmaster the finished video and they can place it on your site. Two, for a small additional fee, we can install the video for you.

What if I don’t want an actor to be in my video, can I appear instead?
Absolutely. You will need to come to our studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

OK, I love this idea! How do I get started?
Simply call us now while this opportunity is fresh in your mind. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to help you. We typically only need a few short minutes of your time to get the process started.


Get Found Online with Video SEO Services!


Let The Media Zoo get your marketing video found on page 1 of Google with our video SEO services. As everyone knows, the internet has become the new marketplace where clients find you. You need to be found, seen and heard to really get results. The numbers prove it: the companies with references on Google’s first page are getting the calls and customers. We will work hard to get your video on page one!Marketing-10

SEO is a term that many people are either familiar with or unaware of let, alone Video SEO. Performing SEO on your videos work to get you ranked on Page One of search engines such as Google and Bing. There are many methods that are evolving all the time. Even if your company has considered or even       used SEO methods in your marketing strategies, chances are you’ve never tried video SEO services. Video SEO is a whole new paradigm that is evolving out of the smart phone revolution. Since consumers     use their phones for more and more these days, videos speak louder than they ever have — and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. If your company is not currently being represented by a professional marketing video, please call today.


Why Do You Need a Smartphone Video Marketing Plan?

It’s already happening…people are arriving on your website from their phones!
What do they see? Are they engaged? Can they feel your brand?

Marketing-11Why a smartphone video?

  • Smartphone users on the go need an   easy-to-use and fast way to connect with your products and services. Let your video do the work!



How does this affect me?

Just as we all realized by 2008 that our business had to be online or we’d be out of business, now we need to progress to the mobile web and video world. The companies which embrace this will be profiting for years to come. Their less than progressive competitors will soon find themselves out of the market.



Marketing-12What do I do next?

The Media Zoo specializes in complete video marketing solutions designed for our ever changing times.
Our producers have the experience and forward thinking needed to design a cutting-edge video that will engage, entertain and educate. Your videos will work on all the devices on the market and fulfills the needs of today’s mobile users.


The World’s Fastest Growing Marketing Tool, Video!

How Social Media Videos have Dominated Marketing

People today turn to the Internet because they are seeking information on services and products before
they make a decision or purchase.  Social Media has taken it a step further, allowing you to engage with your consumers where they enjoy spending their time.

There are 500 million users on Facebook alone with 50% of those users logging into their account at least once a day. Add to that the 75% of Internet users reading blogs and over 65 million tweets per day on Twitter, it becomes clear that if you’re not where the public is looking, you simply won’t be found.


How do we enhance your social reach?

The Media Zoo works with you to create and build personalized video strategies for you based on your    needs and marketing goals. We help you to develop your social media video content and message across all platforms.

The Media Zoo, Clients Served

Over the years the creative team at The Media Zoo has been fortunate to have worked with these accounts – and many more.

Our relationships with each client ranged from in house video services, to working on a     per–project basis. In all cases we considered it a partnership.

Once we learned how our site was not converting to leads, we installed the lead generation capture form and now we have a fast effective and automated way to get our clients into a relationship with us.
Robert Kaplan,

Patients that find me online have told me how impressed they are that they could meet me before making that important choice when choosing a doctor.
Dr. Tara Solomon,

As a Lawyer in NYC, I make use of every advantage I can to gain my clients trust to take on their case. The Media Zoo video SEO program has help me tremendously.
Adam Thompson Lawyer,

50% of our business comes from the internet, and once we created the Media Zoo business solution our sales are out over 100% Our customers can now find us on line, navigate through out beautiful looking site and even get a personal welcome from Jimmy. Thank you we could not be any happier.
Jimmy & Fawn Batchelor,

We hear it all the time “We love your website” having the banner video has really helped our clients make a confident choice to chose our services.
Raul Rosano,

The Media Zoo was pivotal in helping me launch my new site. They even found out that co-op funds where available and I got my marking now set up properly.


The Media Zoo, Your Video Marketing Partner!

Planning a video marketing campaign has long been a grueling task. Many professionals spend countless hours seeking solutions to a broad range of problems when they attempt to do this on their own. This process can be frustrating and may often take several months to complete.

As of today, this process has changed dramatically for the better. The Media Zoo takes all the frustration out of this process for the client and reduces the time from concept to completion. “The Media Zoo allows clients to be immersed in the video marketing experience,” says Stott. Combining web site design, VideoSEO, internet marketing with video, social media videos and streaming video has made the sales strategies of many companies more productive. No stone has been left unturned under our approach. Stott advises, “The key element here is that every detail from creative video design to professional script writing, presentation and video are tied together through an integrated team approach.”

The customer is involved in the selection of a professional spokesperson including language, dialogue and wardrobe.  With Zoo members working in concert on each project, the synergy created produces a high quality product that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations.

According to Vince: “Multi-Media has really come of age in recent years. The concepts we’re able to present will be truly extraordinary. I hope clients will realize the time and money they’ll save and the ideas and quality they will receive when they visit or engage us and see the vision of our remarkable team.”