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If you make no other changes do these 5 things to blast your web presence.


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  1. You’re competent at what you do and work hard to provide superior service.  That’s not enough to shine in this digital age. If you are going to thrive, you must make the commitment to invest in your marketing strategy.
  2. Experts say that video is the marketing tool that will establish you as current, fresh and credible.   Optimizing the use of video on places like Youtube, Vimeo and others will help you tell your story to your prospects and gain Google recognition at the same time.
  3. Marketing is confusing but your strategy needs to be multi-tiered to bring in new prospects and convert that into increased revenue.  A nice website isn’t enough. You can’t think, “If I build it they will come”.  It needs to not only  be rich in engaging content but must be optimized for search engines, and responsive so it’s viewable on mobile devices.
  4. Get the best ROI by using behind the scenes analytics to measure your results. You need to have ways to quantify and then modify your marketing dollars.  There are many systems we employ to gather that information.
  5. It’s a misconception that you need to have a large budget to have a large impact on your business.  That would be like believing you should save for retirement when you have the extra funds.  That’s not true. A modest investment used wisely can launch your business.


We at The Media Zoo are the digital Zoo Keepers.  We will simplify and demystify the process.  We will work with you as partners to explain what you need and how to get it done.


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