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Google has released a new feature in AdWords which allows you to manage Video Ads content within YouTube. Videos are a great way to tell your company’s story and are an interactive way for people to click through to get your website. Video ads not only keep viewers interested, they also allow them to be engaged, especially when they are able to choose ads that are relevant.

Goals may vary based on the type of campaign you are running. If your goal is to reach viewers it would be best to use cost-per-view (CPV) bidding and select TrueView Video formats. Selecting these options makes it so you only pay when viewers choose to watch your videos, instead of every impression shown to potentially uninterested viewers.

Video Ad Formats

Within the settings, you can choose one of four specific types of video ad formats: in-search, in-slate, in-display or in-stream.


YouTube-AdWords -suggestion above search results

YouTube-AdWords -suggestion above search results This video ad format lets you promote a video alongside search results on YouTube using keywords to highlight your video for viewers who may be interested in your content. Remember, you’ll pay only when viewers choose to watch the ad.


YouTube & AdWords -suggestion to right of search results


YouTube & AdWords -suggestion as overlay

YouTube & AdWords -suggestion to right of search results YouTube & AdWords -suggestion as overlay This video ad format lets you promote a video alongside website content across the Google Display Network. The appearance of the ad will vary, depending on which ad sizes and display-format content publishers support.

For example, the video ad preview may vary and the video may play either within the ad unit or when a viewer clicks the unit to watch the video on his or her YouTube Watch page. You’ll be charged for clicks when viewers choose to watch or click your ad. If the same ad appears on a video site in the Google Display Network, the content publisher (website owner) can define which format may be displayed on their entire site, or on certain pages or areas of interest within their site.


This video ad format lets you promote a video ad before longform videos (videos longer than 10 minutes) on YouTube or the Google Display Network. Before the long form video plays, viewers have the option to choose to watch one of the three ads from different advertisers, or to watch regular commercial breaks throughout the video. You’ll pay only when viewers choose to watch the ad.


YouTube & AdWords -In-stream ads

This video ad format allows you to promote a video ad before, in the middle of, or after short- or long form videos on YouTube or the Google Display Network. After 5 seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ad. For videos 30 seconds or longer, you’ll be charged when the viewer reaches the 30-second point of the video. For videos shorter than 30 seconds, you’ll be charged when the viewer completes the video.

The other settings are very similar to traditional Ad-words (geographic area, language, devices and ad display times). You can also choose to target groups by interests, topics, demographics or YouTube search keywords.

Video Pay-Per-Click Advertising Programvideo seo 1

The Media Zoo PPC Management program allows you to choose to either have Google by itself, or have a combination of both Google and Bing.

Complete Confidence
You can sign up with complete confidence knowing that you can adjust your total monthly spending, search engine choices, and even your ad copy at any time.

Immediate Results
Your PPC campaign with be launched within ten working days. While SEO is a long term process, your PPC ads will be up and running within two weeks.

Target Your Market
Whether, national, or local, The Media Zoo targets your PPC campaign to exactly the geographic area you serve. In other words, if you are a repair shop in Orlando, there’s no wasted international or even national advertising.

Relatively Low Cost
When compared to traditional advertising, for example print ads/TV commercials, Pay Per Click puts you on equal footing with large corporations at relatively low costs. When your prospects click on a pay per click ad, they have no way of knowing whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a brand new local business. And Pay Per Click only costs you money when someone is actually searching for your products or services and clicks one of your ads.

Complete Control
There is a one-time account setup fee in the amount of $500.00. You determine the amount you spend each month, so you’ll never get in over your head or over your budget.

The Pay Per Click account management fee is $300 per month.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Immediate Targeted Traffic
PPC ads are small text ads that appear at the very top alongside the main results of search engines such as Google. Search engines only charge advertisers when their ads are clicked, and potential customers are directed to specific web pages. PPC ads operate on a system where bid prices, along with several other factors, determine the cost and order of ads. Advertisers bid on keyword phrases(specific string of words) like “Miami lawyer” of “French restaurant in New York”.,

Expert Keyword Research
The Media Zoo will conduct keyword research to find keywords people use when looking for your products or services. We will then setup ads, each individually tailored to match specific key phrases, and direct them to the most relevant page on your website.

Compelling Ad Copy
Compelling ads will be written that encourage clicks and communicate your company’s unique value. Each ad will be custom-made to match the words that people are searching for, rather than generic – cookie cutter ads.

Hands-on Bid Management
Your ads will be written and targeted so that they are optimized for Google’s Quality Score®. Having optimized ads means you’ll pay less per click than your competitors, and your ads will rank above the competition.

Dedicated Account Rep
Your ads will be monitored to ensure your bids are high enough to bring in traffic, but not so high that you’re wasting money. We will adjust bids per your requests, to bring you traffic where and when you need it.

Google Conversion Tracking & Analytics
For those with online lead forms or shopping carts, a tracking code will be inserted into your website. With it, you’ll be able to tell which ads visitors have clicked on, which keywords they typed in, their location, and a host of other information, enabling you to see which ads and keywords are producing results. Tracking can be set up to determine a lead, define a sale and even determine profit on a sale.


About Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our PPC services include the following:

  • Control – You determine where you listings appear based on how much you bid;
  • Distribution – Your ad will be put on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask and more;
  • ROI – You only pay when a customer clicks on your ad listing;
  • Reach – Reach over 95% of all Internet users; and
  • Negative Keywords, Learn why this is so important
  • Landing Pages – This is key. Do you direct users to your home page,
    or do you customize individual landing pages?

Monthly maintenance includes but is not limited to:

  • Ongoing campaign optimization
  • Ad performance review
  • Keyword performance review
  • Google Analytics statistical tracking
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting
  • Lead tracking
  • Geographical targeting

Key Benefits

1.      Instant Measurable Traffic for your Website

Pay Per Click campaigns can be online in just a few days. This means your company is instantly getting qualified traffic and leads. We track all campaigns’ impressions, clicks and – most importantly – conversions.

2.      Make Your Life Easier

We do the research, create the strategy, write the ads and set up the campaigns for a one-time, flat fee. All you pay for is the actual advertising cost and a maintenance fee on the account.

3.      Smart Strategy Saves Money

We saved one company $20,000 in their first year of PPC services with us by identifying unnecessary and unhelpful phrases. PPC strategy is as important as execution.

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