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Throughout the past decade, Promotional Videos have changed the face of websites.  In today’s market, a website without a video, generally seems outdated.

As a technologically modern website owner, we’d like to show you the reasons why Promotional Videos are an absolute must in our current times:

A)  Trust.  These days, potential customers buy from people they feel they can trust.  Help your buyer connect with you by putting yourself in front them.  Well produced videos guide customers and help them to meet the team, building trust.

B)  Promotional Videos are engaging. When potential customers have the opportunity to read a paragraph about your product, over watching your video, they are more inclined to watch the video.  Text can never convey and engage in the way video can.

C)  Flexibility for sharing, is a key ingredient, and when properly done, allows use of videos in other online areas, such as YouTube or Facebook.  Even an ordinary Promotional Video can be made in an entertaining way, thus capturing viewers.  This also makes the user want to share your video with others, enhancing the numbers of audience viewers.

D)  Emphasis on emotion is very important.  Promotional Videos should convey the appropriate points, rather than just allowing your viewer to guess the importance of the product/service.

Promotional Videos 02E)  Attention spans are shorter than ever.  A Promotional Video allows you to quickly & efficiently capture your viewers attention to tell your story, and/or demonstrate your product/service.  This gives you the best possible chance of selling to your customers.

Need more convincing?  Just take a look at today’s most successful and largest sites online today.  The vast majority include professional, Promotional Videos on their home page and/or throughout their site.  Videos are most certainly the wave of the future…

The process of creating and producing a Promotional Video is something that The Media Zoo specializes in. Our Video Producers know what it takes to make effective Promotional Videos to attract and engage your viewers. To view our process and what it entails, click here.

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