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Restaurant Video Marketing We offer a large selection of Restaurant Video Marketing solutions designed specifically for restaurants in the South Florida market. Utilizing video as a marketing tool is a fantastic way to educate patrons, and generate more reservations. Video is a creative and powerful tool to use in your marketing arsenal. To create flair, appeal, and a heightened sense of customer curiosity, why not introduce yourself from a personalized video on your website or YouTube channel?




Restaurant Video Marketing 1Are Your Potential Patrons Lost on Your Website?

Welcome them and show them around. The first thing any good host does is welcome people to their home. Extend your website visitors the same courtesy by welcoming them to your website. This type of video marketing also allows for you to give visitors the grand tour—all as if you were there personally guiding them through it and your menu!

• Welcome visitors personally and establish rapport!
• Help visitors walk through your site and establish trust!


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food4“About Us” Videos

What sets you apart? Why should potential patrons choose your restaurant? What specials do you offer? “About Us” videos are a great tool to allow everyone involved in the restaurant to have a voice on the website. Showcase your restaurant’s strengths by using the expertise you’ve come to acquire to show visitors who you are and what they can look forward to.

Develop personal videos that foster comfort and trust

When it comes to people searching for a restaurant, comfort and service are often more important to patrons than rates. Using The Media Zoo “tailored-for-restaurants” Video Marketing strategy, you can personally introduce yourself and your staff online, show cuisine, and introduce viewers to new culinary creations before they even walk into your restaurant.

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Restaurant-Videos03Social Media Video (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

These days, every Restaurants needs to take advantage of Social Media for promoting their food. More and more people surf the web on their phones searching for Restaurants that specialize in specific cuisine—and video is a tremendous part of that! By combining assistance and content on sites like Twitter and Facebook, your restaurant will generate trust, compatibility with technology, and reach a high social stature that is so elusive to many restaurants in this country.

Using Social Marketing video is a great tool to boost your restaurant social media presence. Did you know social media conversions, when implementing video, increase followers by 65%? The Media Zoo can help you manage your Social Media marketing strategy!

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food 2Get Found…Get Quality Calls…Retain Clients!

Video SEO is our specialized and innovative way to help potential patrons find you when searching online. People phrase their searches in various, multiple ways and we do research to find out what those are. People even use YouTube as a search engine nowadays! With our Video SEO approach, not only will potential clients discover your website link, they will discover your videos. In this way, your restaurant can speak to potential clients at anytime and from anywhere!

Video Marketing “Video SEO”

is the process of promoting your website through multi-video channels.  Generally, people search for key phrases on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. More and more search results are actually video thumbnails. By taking advantage of this avenue, you will not only be found by the content of your website, but also can now be found by the relevance of your videos. Videos not only play a key role in establishing your restaurant as attractive and interesting, they can also market your restaurant at the same time.

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food8Showcase your expertise with a video case success story!

Is your restaurant proud of a specific dish, drink, or hors d’oeurve that showcases your culinary know-how and mastery of pleasing the palatte? Success Showcase videos are excellent ways to boast your success and help you acquire more business from people searching for an awesome place to go eat!

With a “Success Showcase” video, patron’s experiences become real and helpful to potential customers looking for some place great to eat. Hearing patrons describe their positive, delicious experiences will ultimately provide undecided new-comers with the answer they need to the question, “Will this restaurant be any good?” With a “Success Showcase” video, you can answer that question with a resounding, “Yes!”


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YouTube Marketing Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? What this means is that people try to find restaurants on YouTube! As amazing as that may sound, the fact remains that without a rich YouTube channel, your restaurant is missing out on a huge piece of the search engine pie. YouTube channels are perfect for introducing and guiding potential and current clients through the often mind-numbing choices of eating establishments. Holding customers’ hands in this way shows that you care enough to assist them even before them come in to take a seat.

Taking advantage of this area of Video Marketing will also free up your time if you share videos that answer the common questions and inquiries you receive. Rather than having staff communicate the same information every day (e.g.  specials and whether or not you have valet), why not deliver it once to a camera and let the video speak for you while you use your talents serving!

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