Feed the Animal

Here at The Media Zoo, we believe that your website is like a living breathing animal..
You need to feed it “content” and give it attention every month.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in order to keep your animal alive and healthy

How does your animal/website look to people and to robots

Will start by talking about the look of your website to people/visitors.

Through the years we’ve learned special tricks and techniques that will make your visitors
click or call on your call to actions. The process of how clients navigate your website is also a critical element.

On the robotic side, Mr. Google likes all his animals to look pretty and fit/play nicely with his robots.
He holds many secrets but he has reviled, he has a 100 task list, “report card system”
to allow him to rank 1 company’s website over another. These task very from month to month.

We accomplish all these task for you including monthly maintenance of your website.
We also do quarterly backing up of your website.
We are monitoring and removing spam attacks to your website.
We  update all plug-ins and code of your website and so much more..

New Pages to Your Website

The marketing elements of your website “which is not really considered a SEO”
but does play a very big part in the success of generating you internet leads

Let’s start by taking a close look at what we call a sales funnel

When visitors come to your site and they’re just shopping what would you like them to do?
Many services don’t offer products or services that would make a visitor pick up the phone
and call immediately. They are looking for information before they decide who they’re going to speak to.

If your company provides a product or service that fits into this concept, then read on…
One of the best marketing techniques is to capture their email address by providing a simple form fill.
This for film should only includes a first name and an email address.
This is highly effective way to then take their email address
and install, what we call a slow email drip campaign

You probably have seen this several times..
These forms where if you provide your name and or phone/email  number you will receive free information…
a free quote, a free product, free service.
This is a highly effective way of acquiring email addresses for your sales department to follow up on

Marketing concept here at The Media Zoo, go far beyond the reach of this document.
We’ve helped countless clients generate more revenue by helping them learn opportunities
that they didn’t know exist

We often break these opportunities down into perishable and nonperishable opportunities

We had one client who owned an Italian restaurant, who insisted on paying $5000 for a billboard near his establishment.
These billboards are only up for 30 days thus making this a perishable marketing strategy that turned out to not be very effective.

Had the same client taking our advice and taking that same $5000 budget and invested it in a vehicle
with a wrap on it.. which is a non-perishable with life expectancy of at least 10 years,
this restaurants marketing / branding in this local area would’ve been much more cost-effective,
for many years to come.  This is just one small example of the talent you will receive from The Media Zoo
when you book our marketing initiative plan

If owning a business and being an entrepreneur wasn’t hard enough, keeping your Internet strategies working,

The software running properly is a major challenge in itself.
From renewing and pointing your url’s name,
updating all your third-party plug-ins, we will keep your website running and so much more.
Many  of these tasks become very time-consuming month after month

To learn more about why countless customers have trusted The Media Zoo for more than ten years
to keep their website and marketing initiatives alive,
contact us today for a custom quote on your monthly SEO marketing service.

SEO Package: –

Monthly Task:

1.  New Page Creations
2. Content Creation and Optimization
3. Heading Tag Optimization (H1 and H2 etc)
4. Title Tag Optimization
5. Meta Tag Optimization
6. Keywords Tag Optimization
7. Image Alt Tag Optimization
8. Anchor Tag Optimization
9. Robots.txt Optimization
10. Directory submissions

One time set up task:
1. Website performance report
2. Keywords Analysis Report
3. Set up Google Analytics
4. Google Local Listing & Profile
5. HTML Site Maps
6. Video Submissions and Video Promotion (if provided by client)

1. Aesthetics changes or recommendations to the website “photo change , phone number change”
2. Server,  site is up and working properly
3. URL, pointing and updating any new url’s
4. Fix any attacks like map listing
5. Up-date all plugins
6. Back up website when needed.

1.  Face book Profile Creation
2. Face book Profile Promotion
3. Twitter Profile Creation
4. Twitter Profile Promotion
5. PInterest Profile Creation
6  PInterest Profile Promotion
7. Instagram