Story of The Media Zoo!

Hi, I’m Vince, I will be telling you our story of The Media Zoo…
It’s 2003 I see this internet thing blowing up and customers are asking for their videos on vhs, dvds and now on the internet. Sounds like a new business for me…

Paul, a fellow video guy, …Paul
talk about the future and where video is heading, I convince him to partner with me and we launch TMZ. To know Paul, all you need to know is his love of music & 70’s rock bands. Specifically, the group “YES”. Today Paul is often found working out, concentrating on his ultra healthy lifestyle, or playing Frisbee with his canine best friend Haley.

The first few years where fun and challenging, yet some how we found our way and many may say we lead the way with a style of video we called floating videos. Our skill set grew out of necessity and before we knew it we where were turning into an agency with amazing results for our clients.

plimagefinal1 Every great company has a great office manager and for us that’s Pasha.
With great diligence and amazing communication skills, our clients love how
she helps out. Her attention to detail and artistic approach makes her the
perfect fit for our clients.

NickAs our growth continued we added more amazing staff like name Nick.
As a surfer type guy, laid back, but very smart, he was a great pivotal point in our growth. Nick’s love of web design and SEO made our company stronger.

Video technology grew with DSLR and 4k and so did our amazing production team “camera crew.” Steve, a former audio engineer and tech guru, has played a big roll in the success of The Media Zoo for over a decade.SteveB
His amazing skills as a camera man and editor has helped us develop several new products for our clients.


EdwinEdwin, as the true artist, he tends to see video in the most creative ways.  With a love and passion for Spanish culture those of you looking for your videos to be duplicated in English and Spanish will find out that working with Edwin is often fun and exciting process.



Sean, when it has to get done fast, and perfect, Sean’s the man…We get more feed back from clients talking about how he made the shooting process fun and exciting. His love of cutting edge technology and ability to think fast on his feet makes him the perfect team player on our team.

todd(pp_w104_h145)As the story goes everything happens for a reason…RIGHT…
Well I get a call from one of the smartest guys I know “Todd” who is looking for work.
Todd’s amazing listen skills and understanding of business makes him the perfect fit for our team. With martial arts as his life’s foundation, if you are a lucky client to be working with him, you cannot but be impressed by his understanding of the BIG picture…I really admire that in him.

Back to me for a sec, I was a social event video producer for my entire adult life, almost 25 years. This career had what I would like to say a Best Man…enter “Roy” as a talented photographer. Roy and I did events all the time, we had the best team a client could find. We each had children around the same time and spent countless holidays together and we always got amazing photos for free…lol

We where all happy making money and then I ended up falling in love with my amazing wife “Crystal” and like any smart man; I need her by my  side. With a great management resume from working for AvMed for over 10 years, she was the next in line to be an animal at the zoo.

MorganAfter a very short romantic dating session that only lasted 7 years, I finally had the business and life style ready to make her Mrs. Stott. It didn’t take her half as long as the engagement to get that motherly bug and so we had the greatest joy in my life “Morgan Lynn” a true daddy girl from her first profession photo shoot. Yes, taken by Roy, but it was all my idea. Notice she is pointing who is #1. So there you have it, who these animals that work here at the zoo are and why they are so important to me.

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