Boost Social Media Marketing with Video, The First Method

Make a Cool Social Video, of course!

First on your list of things to do should be to get as many social media followers as you can to become clients. That requires getting them off the social media platforms and onto an email list. The way this happens is easy—it’s the how that’s more difficult.

Boost Social Media Marketing with Video part 1What to do is entice social media fans from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc to go visit a landing page you have targeted. From there, the how you convert them is as follows:

  • Show your true personality and let your brand shine. Be brief but not too brief. Make things fun by being bold and try to establish a relationship with the viewer.
  • Be personal without being personal. How to accomplish this is through telling a story—share a   personal experience or a client success story.
  • Explain clearly and succinctly the value your product or service brings to the table. For example, what are five reasons that not acting now will cause the viewer to miss out?
  • Always, always finish with a CTA (call to action). Without being told directly what to do, viewers will wander away. Get them to fill out a contact form or call—whichever you prefer.

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