All of our videos are great tools for promoting your products or services
and can be used on any distribution platform including:
websites, social media, email blasts, trade shows, lobby TV, digital signage and even broadcast TV.

QUESTION – What type of video are you trying to produce? Business or Personal?Marketing-09
Business videos are typically shorter productions that focus on marketing a product, service or organization.
Personal videos are weddings, birthday parties, legacy, family videos, etc… they tend to be longer productions.

QUESTION –What is your main objective and who is your target audience?
Defining your target viewer helps us mold your message for maximum effectiveness
Do you want to demonstrate what your product does?
Do you want to generate more leads from your website? Do you need to build your brand?
Do you need to recruit better employees?  Do you want more people to sign up for a conference?

QUESTION – Where are you going to put your videos to be seen?
Once you determine the type of video which fits your needs, the next question is how to employ that video to provide you with optimal results.
You can simply put your video on your website, or use it with other methods we have to increase your exposure on search engines such as Google.
You tell us what you need and let us worry about the rest.

We are a full service production company
that will help you complete your video projects including:

Shooting: Gathering videos and photos with our cameras, lights, mics, tripods and other expensive equipment.Marketing-08

Editing: Gathering and producing assets such as videos, photos, music, titles, animations, logos, beauty shots,
and B-Roll footage.  These are the ingredients that make for a great video.

Installation: Putting your video on your website, creating your YouTube channel, as well as a variety of other ways of expanding your exposure. Call for details.


How Much Do Marketing Video Cost

Please visit our pricing page to learn more about your investment cost.


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