Video Installation OptionsMarketing-05
There are several different options to think about when installing a video on any of your marketing platforms.

On your website: We have 4 different options:

Inside your banner, This style will combine your video to your website typically at the top of your home page.

Light box Videos, One of the most popular installation, here when viewer clicks the image or text, the video will open up center screen and make the out side edge black so as to mot tistract the viewing experience.

Paralex Videos, This is a relatively new installation that is becoming very popular. Here yo have the option of using moving video as a replacement for static photography.CoralGablesPlumbing-website
Several shapes and sizes are available.

Sidebar Videos, a great option for placement on direct call to action or informational based video. Typically these run next to your lead generation form.

For in-House video installations we offer:
On a flash drive, did, up-load file to server.

Additional Video Services:

Email Videos:
A link attached to an image “click here to learn more” then that takes them to a page where the video starts playing.
NOTE, you do NOT need to send emails with the video inside them, people are afraid this could be a virus.

Trade Show projection screens.
Are you presenting at a local trade show? Allow us to help make your presentation come alive with dynamic video presentation screen.

image068All these video installations have the option of your video playing automatically of the viewer needs to click to start.

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