Video is Fun to Create!

Making a video for your business can be very exciting once the creative juices are flowing. Blog posts can be tedious and need to be done consistently to benefit from the SEO juice they create. Video, on the other hand, is made once and can be re-purposed many times by simply changing the Title and Keywords. Creating a video as a company is a great way to harness the creative energies that exist within you and your staff to produce a video that won’t only be watched by friends and family.

What kind of video should we make?

video is fun to create

If you’ve decided to begin the process of video creation, that’s awesome! And there’s no limit to the kind of video that can be created: sales, demos, storytelling, video SEO, etc. As long as you’ve determined your target market you’re ready to start video marketing.The Media Zoo is your partner in developing your video marketing campaign. We’ve got all kinds of creative themes that can define your look. We have motion backgrounds, music, graphics…we can even take your logo and make it fly around!
When the video is finished it’s extremely easy to get out to the world.

Publish the video on YouTube or share on Facebook. Perhaps you are installing it on your website. The great thing about using video for marketing is that it engages your clients and ties them into your message. If you have fun creating the video, then your clients will have fun watching it. That’s the secret weapon. All the tags and keywords in the world can’t replace a video that’s actually fun to watch.

Of course, a video like that can go viral 🙂

What are you waiting for??