Video Marketing Gets Results

You may be thinking, “How do videos actually make me money?” and that’s a great question. Unless people are buying your video on DVD or Blu-ray, chances are that videos aren’t directly bring in any money; HOWEVER, videos are spectacular for marketing when used as tools. Think of how hard it would be to drive in a nail with your shoe—a hammer does the job much easier. When trying to improve the consumer’s engagement tvideo marketing gets resultso your site (longer page visits, etc), click-throughs, or just general traffic, videos are the right tool to drive customers where you need them to be. You need people to interact with your site to ultimately call and purchase. Videos are perfect to get people to that point—and that’s when videos mean making money for your company.

Take as an example a study done by The Relevancy Group. They took a gander at videos in email marketing. To get to the point of the study, they found this to be the bottom line: the study found that including video in email marketing campaigns increased email marketing revenue by 40%! (to read more about this click here)

Well-made marketing videos also help to bring in search traffic to your website. All the major search engines like Google and Bing have been showing videos on their results pages. People are using YouTube as a search engine—and it is now second only to Google itself! When videos rank high on Google’s search pages, the page that is linked to that video thumbnail naturally receives increased traffic.

If you or your company take the time to make a few simpler videos that outline some products or questions from consumers, the opportunities for sales leap forward. The fact of the matter is that video is here to stay—smart phones and 4G is proof enough of that. Consumers are watching, creating, and sharing videos daily.

If your consumers are loving video, shouldn’t you be giving them video?