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Let The Media Zoo get your marketing video found on page 1 of Google with our video SEO services.
As everyone knows, the internet has become the new marketplace where clients find you.
You need to be found, seen and heard to really get results.
The numbers prove it: the companies with references on Google’s first page are getting the calls and customers.
We will work hard to get your video on page one!

Video results being displayed directly in an organic result.

video seo services
Video SEO is a term that many people are either familiar with or completely ignorant about. Simply put, our video SEO services help put your website closer to — and hopefully onto — that coveted ‘Page One’ on search engine sites like Google.

There are many methods that are evolving all the time. Even if your company has considered or even used SEO methods in your marketing strategies, chances are you’ve never tried video SEO services.  Video SEO is a whole new paradigm that is evolving out of the smart phone revolution. Since consumers use their phones for more and more these days, videos speak louder than they ever have — and that trend shows no sign of slowing down.

If your company is not currently being represented by a professional marketing video, please click here.
Even if you already have company videos, you are still going to want to take a look at what The Media Zoo can do for them.


What is it?video seo 2
Over a 12-month period, we will create up to 40 videos for your business that will consist of scripts delivered by some of our professional in-house actors/actresses. These videos will be posted around the internet on upwards of 10 video sharing sites as we release them.

What do the videos do?
Tagged with content-rich and relevant keywords, the videos will attract search engine users to view them — many times showing up on page one of search engine sites!

How am I billed?
You will be billed monthly for a period of 12 months.

What do I get for my money?
With the behind-the-scenes work we do with the videos, you get a vastly increased opportunity to be featured high on search engine sites like Google. Additionally, our video SEO services are yours to do whatever you’d like after the 12-month contract period is up.

But I live across the country! How can The Media Zoo make me custom videos?
We use professionally trained actors and actresses to deliver powerful and relevant scripts that will get your message across. We’re highly experienced in writing for many differing areas of business. If you need specific information to get across to the viewer, we can make it happen!

How will clients contact me from these videos?
With video SEO services, videos will prominently feature a phone number, your name and your website, if you have one.

BrightYoungSmilesReady to see more samples?
Search Google for “Lighthouse Point Pediatric Dentist” and see how the only video result on the page is the one with the yellow video.

What do I do next?
The Media Zoo specializes in complete marketing solutions designed for our ever-changing times. Our Internet Video Producers know what it takes to make an effective video to attract and engage your visitors.  Whether you need a navigational video for your website or a complete video campaign to drive traffic and enhance the sales experience, The Media Zoo’s professional eye can be trusted to get the job done.

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