Video Transfer Service

Use this form to send us your videos.  Please make your selections for the formats and speeds you want your video encoded into.  We can encode your video into all of the most popular formats for streaming over the internet on your own corporate Intranet as well as high resolution AVI, Windows Media, Quicktime, and MPEG formats for CD/ROM based presentations on your PC or MAC.

Section 1 – Customer Information

Name ___________________________    Company _____________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________   State/Zip _____________________________

Phone ____________________________  Email _______________________________

Web Site URL _____________________   Web Master __________________________

Section 2 – Format selection when video is to be encoded for PC, MAC, or CD/ROM based presentations (streaming video formats are selected in section 4 on the next page)

If your video is to be used on a PC, MAC, or CD/ROM based presentation, as opposed to streaming over the internet, please make your selection below for the single or multiple formats you’d like your video encoded into.

WMV              AVI                 Flash FLV                   Quick Time                 MPEG    

Your video will be encoded at 320×240 for Windows Media, AVI, Quick Time, or MPEG, unless you have a different size preference.  Full screen encoding at 640×480 for AVI and Quicktime, is also available, but caution should be used as very fast processor speeds are required, and the file sizes will be four times that of their standard sized counterparts.  Please call us for a quote if you have a need for full screen encoding.

Section 3 – Title, copyright, and Meta Tag information for streaming video files

If your video is to be encoded for use over the Internet, please provide the following information for each video clip.  This information will not appear as part of the video, but rather is encoded into the actual file.  It will appear as optional information in the video player and is also used by search engines to index your video clip(s); in much the same way that your web pages themselves are indexed.  Please attach an additional sheet with the same information for each video clip if you are submitting multiple video clips for encoding.

Title _____________________________________ Copyright _____________________

Meta Tag (description or keywords) ___________________________________________

Section 4 – Streaming video or progressive download video format & speed selection

If we are encoding your video to be used on the Internet or corporate Intranet, please make your selections for the formats and speed versions you would like your video encoded into.  Your selection of delivery speeds should be based on the connection speeds of the users who will be watching your video.  Encoding your video using multiple speed versions allows those users connected at faster speeds to experience substantially higher quality video.

If you will be deploying a Quick Time video as a progressive download as opposed to streaming, you may select an encoding speed that exceeds the connection speed of the user (for example:  you may choose to have your video encoded at 100kbits/sec for slow connections and at 300kbits/sec for fast connections).  Progressive download deployment allows users to enjoy a higher quality video experience than standard streaming, however, it should only be used on video clips of approximately one minute or less in length because of the download time(s) it can be used for longer clips.  Movie trailers and other very short video clips are often times deployed in Windows Media or Quick Time progressive download form.

For video clips under ten minutes in length, our charges for encoding are $99 for the first video clip up to five minutes in length.  The next five minutes is $60.  Each alternate speed version is only $25 for each five minutes per video clip.  If you are ordering multiple formats (i.e., Real Video and Windows Media), the cost of the second format is $40 for each five minutes for the first speed, and $25 for each alternate speed version for each five minute increment.  Video clips over ten minutes in length are discounted ten percent depending upon their length

Encoding speed 37 kbits/sec 80 kbits/sec 250 kbits/sec
Prospective user speed Modem users ISDN/ &Network Conn DSL & CableModems
File size per minute of video 280,000 bytes 600,000 bytes 1,875,000 bytes
Real Video
Windows Media
Quick Time
Flash FLV

______ Check here if you intend to stream your video from a video server rather than a web server, and want to have all of the different speed versions combined into a single adaptive rate.

The Media Zoo is continuously updating our video players and will automatically defer to the latest version unless an older version is specifically requested.

Section 5 – Price calculation for videos less than ten minutes in length

Please complete the calculation table below for videos less than ten minutes in length.  If your video exceeds ten minutes in length, or if you have numerous videos, a custom discounted price will apply.  Please call for a quote, or continue with this form and enter the amount in section 6.

# of video clips to be encoded __________ Length of each video clip _______________

Item Description and Price Amount
Primary Format1st delivery speed $100 for the first 5 minutes and $60 for the second 5 minutes.All additional videos are priced the same. $
Editing If you are requesting custom editing to be done, please call for specific quote (enter amount here).  Does this include grapics, titles, etc? $
Delivery Depending upon the size of your project, we can either write your files to CD, or FTP them to you.Both cases there is a $25 charge. $25.00
Subtotal Total before discount, if any $
Discounts You may subtract 10% from your total order by agreeing to display our banner on each of your web pages that contain any of the video(s) we have encoded for you.  Our banner will contain a hyperlink text to our website for the purpose of promoting our services.  Discount not available with any other offer. $
Total Attach check or complete credit card information below $
Section 6 Price calculations for large orders of video(s) over ten minutes in length. $
Custom Quote If your video is over 10 minutes in length, or have numerous video(s), please call for a custom quote and enter the amount here. $


Section 7 – Credit Card billing

Please charge our order to our credit card as follows:

Visa                                         Mastercard                              American Express                  

Account number ______________________________        Exp Date                                

Authorized Signature                                                                                                             

Credit Card account holder and billing address:

If either your credit card account holder name and/or billing address is different than the name on the shipping address you have furnished us with on page one, please enter here.

Account Holder Name                                                                                                           

Billing Address                                                                                                                      


Section 8 – Special Instructions

If you have any other special instructions you would like us to be aware of, please let us know here or attach a separate sheet.


Section 9 – Upgrade Protection Policy

Quick Time, Real Media, and Windows Media are constantly improving the quality of their products that result in a higher quality audio and video.  At some point in the future, you may want your video(s) re-encoded, using newer technology that delivers higher quality results.  To protect our customers from the high cost of having us re-encode their video(s) and to ensure that our customers can always have the latest and greatest video quality available, we guarantee to re-encode your original video(s), using the latest technology available, at a 50% discount of what you originally paid.  This offer applies only to the original video(s) we encoded, using the same format and same speed selections, and is good for (5) years from the date of your original order.

Section 10 – Thank you for your order

We would like to thank you for choosing The Media Zoo to encode your video(s).  Once we receive your video and payment, we will encode it into the format(s) you have ordered; usually within one business week.  We will then return your video(s) to you, along with a CD or FTP containing your video file(s), and complete instructions for adding the correct HTML code to your web page if your order is for a streaming video or progressive download format.  Then all you need to do is simply edit your page to include the new code for your video(s), upload it and finally, upload your video files to your Internet Service Provider.  It’s that simple.

Submission Formats
Beta, DVCAM, MiniDV, S-VHS, VHS, and digital files; such as AVI, MOV, MPEGS, ext.  These need to be in NTSC Format

Web Encoding Formats
We offer all current codecs for Windows Media, Real, Quicktime, Flash (SWF or FLV), and MPEG formats.
The most common format used is Microsoft Windows Media files, the reason being that most computers
come already with the player.

Sizes and Speeds
There are two common download speeds, DSL or 56k modems.  Your video will be encoded to a standard size of 320 x 240.  Full screen encoding at 640 x 480 is also available, but caution should be used because very fast processor and internet connection speeds are required, and the file sizes will be four times that of their standard size counter parts.  Please call us for a quote if you have a need for full screen encoding.

Your first format pricing structure would be as follows:

10 Minutes Each Additional
10 Minutes
Speed 1
(ex: 100kbits/sec)
$99 $50
Additional Speed
(ex: 300kbits/sec)
$25 $25


*Example:  You have a 20 minute video that you want encoded for DSL users and modem users.
The price would be $149 for the first speed and $50 for the second speed.
The total would be $199.

If you choose to have a second format (ex: WMV and MOV), the price would be as follows:

10 Minutes Each Additional
10 Minutes
Speed 1
(ex: 100kbits/sec)
$50 $25
Additional Speed
(ex: 300kbits/sec)
$25 $25

*Example:  You are already at $199 for the first format (WMV), now the first speed with a 20 minute video
in a MOV format, would be $75 and the second speed is $50. The total for the second format  (MOV)
would be $125. The grand total for both formats and all speeds (4 in total, 2 for the WMV and 2  for the MOV) would be $324.