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How to build your new website plan based on video marketing?

Imagine your clients coming to your new website and getting your message delivered via video instead of plain boring text.

Benefits of Having a Video Websites.

Is your business ready to make its debut on the internet? If you need convincing as to the benefits of a website, read on!

  • Generally speaking, more and more people/clients are using the internet daily to locate a business or to determine what services a particular business has to offer.
  • The internet is accessible 24/7. This allows people to view your site at any time of the day even when your business is closed.
  • Your website is an excellent way for you to inform everyone about your services. Your site is an online portfolio and customers can view your products at their leisure.
  • People that visit your site can spend as much time there as they like. Unlike visiting a showroom where one could encounter pressure from sales staff.
  • The theme of your website can complement existing promotional marketing material thereby giving your company a unified appearance.
  • A website is an excellent place to post FAQs or frequently asked questions. A customer can visit this page and obtain answers to questions without placing a phone call.
  • Once your domain name is established, you can set up e-mail accounts directly to your company’s mailbox. This gives your client a more direct route when trying to locate you via e-mail and most importantly, a more professional image.
  • A website benefits all companies regardless of their size. A small company will get just as much exposure as a larger one
  • Once established on the internet, your company immediately enters a global market as opposed to a local market.
  • Many of your competitors may already be on the web, don’t be left behind!

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10  Components For Today’s Website

If your website isn’t helping you generate new business, recruit quality employees and build strategic relationships, it’s probably missing one or more of the components below.  Your site should serve as more than just a visually-stunning brochure.  It should also be functional and an effective lead-generation machine.

1. Opt-In Form – If someone’s on your site, shouldn’t you be trying to include them in your current or future marketing efforts? You already know they have some interest in who you are or what you do.  Don’t let that go to waste. Give them a freebie or discount on your business’ products or services to make it worth their while to opt-in.

2. Call To Action – It may be in the form of a virtual spokesperson or a quick feedback form on your site. Regardless of the medium, don’t just have your visitors land on your site to abandon it. Ask them to complete some type of action before they go.  Think about what it is you want visitors to do when they get to your site so their time isn’t wasted and neither is yours.

3. Testimonials/Case Studies – Testimonials are a great way to convert website visitors into actual customers.  The more compelling these are, the better it is for business. Consider a professional, high quality video testimonial over plain text.  In the business-to-business arena, whitepapers, portfolios and case studies are more commonplace. Videos work wonders here, too.  According to a Forbes Insights 2010 report, more than half of senior executives share online videos with colleagues at least weekly.

4. Social Media Links – If you’re shying away from social media for fear of the disgruntled customer, you’re taking the wrong approach to marketing your business. Place social media icons prominently on your website and address concerns from disgruntled customers on these platforms in a non-confrontational and honest manner. Your prospective customers are smart enough to pay attention to the ratio of positive to negative comments on these channels.  They’ll also be much more inclined to sign on as a customer or client if they see you working to make a bad situation right rather than trying to sweep it under the rug. Be a part of the conversation, don’t avoid it.

5. Video – According to a Forrester 2010 report, properly optimized video enhances the odds of landing a front-page Google result by 53x.  Video on websites is no longer just for hotels and amusement parks. If you’ve got a product or service, an engaging, professional-grade video will hold the attention of your visitors much more than static text ever will. Your prospective clients want to know what you do in under a minute.  And as James McQuivey of Forrester Research noted, “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”

6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your prospective clients to find you when they conduct specific searches on the web. By thinking about the key terms a prospective client might use to locate your business, you can have your site optimized to show up on Page 1 or in the number 1 spot when these searches are conducted.  If your site and services are appealing to the visitors you get via these searches, there is potential to generate significant new business from this web traffic.

7. CMS – a Content Management System may not be critical to your website if it remains static. However, if you need to make frequent or occasional changes, a Content Management System is a must. The last thing you need is to have a web design company charge you a hefty fee for minor changes that you can easily make yourself. You will pay more for CMS sites up front, but save a bundle in the long run.

8. Browser Compatibility – There are many web browsers out there but it is important to ensure your site operates on the most popular. As of February 2012, Net Applications’ Browser Market Share Report shows Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera as being the top browsers amongst Internet users. Make sure your site displays as it should on at least the top three.

9. Website Analytics – If you want to know how effective your site is, you need to have analytics to help you determine what is working and what is not. Where are your visitors coming from? How quickly do visitors abandon your site? What pages are they going to if they stay? Website analytics can provide this information and much more to help you make informed decisions about your site’s layout, content and offerings.

10. Sitemap – A Sitemap helps visitors and search engine crawlers find information on all the pages that are included on your site quickly and easily. Visitors who can’t find what they’re looking for on your site will have no problem leaving.  Search engine crawlers won’t index pages they can’t find but that you will want them to see.  So to keep your visitors happy and your site’s rankings high, make sure to include a sitemap.

Each Webmaster’s business plan, financial model, and level of technical know-how is different of course, but Web-based retailers/service providers and their affiliates say there are tried-and-true tricks of the trade that will help almost anyone profit from a symbiotic relationship with an online store.

Make It Personal

Product reviews, best-seller lists, usage tips and other content created by a Website’s staff are great ways to spark consumer interest in shopping according to All Spin Zone’s Richard Cranium. His blog site reviews movies in the context of larger social issues, and he says his click-through-to-purchase ratio is nearly 1:1.

Keep it Real
Take a tip from Nothing speaks to the consumers like the recommendation of other consumers like themselves. ToysRUs encourages all of its affiliates to have their users rate and comment on products they’ve purchased.

Make It Fun
A sense of humor never hurt anyone, says’s Arthur Levine. “The funny or bizarre always generates a buzz,” he says, “whether it’s a product itself or the way it’s presented.”

Be Creative
Is a specific item featured in video clips, a photo set, or in fiction on your site? Link to its page on your online store right at the point it appears. Many times you will be looking for a product review, for instance a DVD. Offering customers the opportunity to buy the video or DVD of the movie under discussion right from the page that lists its review is a great sales tool.

Be Direct

Highlighting specific products from a retailer’s mix can boost sales dramatically. Many online retailers are happy for their affiliates to “borrow” product images for use on their own sites. Some, even put together pre-formatted image packages for affiliates. One caveat: If images aren’t specifically mentioned in the affiliate agreement, be sure to ask before you help yourself.


Embarrassment about lack of experience with anything purchased online is one of the things that keeps consumers from shopping for them online. Another is confusion about exactly how the product will make their lives better. It’s easy to get over those hurdles by providing users with educational articles that explain how to incorporate your product/service.

Never miss an opportunity to tie retail products to content on your Website. Impulse buying is as big a phenomenon on the Web as it is in brick-and mortar stores, and surfers who’ve just seen or read about a product in “non-sales” context are likely to but it. Every time you talk about a product, you should link to it and make sure you have ‘buy’ buttons everywhere.

Create Urgency
Just like in the brick-and-mortar world, limited-time offers and sales encourage shoppers to buy now before the special opportunity disappears. The best way to get someone to buy something is to tell them they want it. Marketing an online store is not actually that different from [doing the same for] brick-and-mortar.”

Trade On Trust

Unilaterally, affiliates say the untrustworthy and reputation of the stores they promote has a profound effect on their sales. Make sure you have a respectable company on your side. Surfers need to know they’re not going to get burned by ‘cheap’ products or bad customer service.

Promote, Promote, Promote
Most online retailers offer a plethora of ways to encourage consumers to shop at their stores. Use them, and use them liberally. Text links, banners and other ads, e-mail marketing help, top lists, customized code snippets, contests, and other sales tools all can help increase purchases, but only if they’re employed by the affiliates for whom they were designed. Some stores even offer bounties to their affiliates who suggest new promotional ideas that can be used network-wide – so speak up