What is Re-marketing?

Re-marketing lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website.
As they browse the web your banner ad is shown on other websites they are looking at.
This technique keeps your firm on their mind and only a click away.

Why Re-marketing?
It’s cheap. It’s effective. It simply works.

What are the Costs?
The setup cost is $500 dollars and includes the setup and creation of three banner ads.
You would pay the ad costs directly to Google, but most likely this would be $100 dollars per month to start.
It may be higher in the future, if you receive more clicks. We would manage the campaign for $150 dollars per month.

In short, your initial budget should include $600 dollars for setup and $250 dollars per month for maintenance.

How can we Help?
Re-marketing is a service that we offer our clients. The steps are outlined below.

1.    Setup of the Campaign
Client Consultation: Initial consultation to answer any questions
Campaign Creation: Finalizing geographic targeting, device targeting, bid strategy and scheduling
Creation and installation of tracking and syncing with Google Analytics
Creation of banner ads (Leader board, Skyscraper and Square – 1 round only)
Setup of monthly reports and management

2.    Monthly Management of the Campaign
Provide monthly reports
Monitor and manage of the campaign

Next Steps? What Do I Have to Do?

Simply give us approval and setup the budget. We will take care of everything else.
We really believe this could be a great way of increasing your companies brand online and ultimately lead to more inquiries.

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